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About me

Arianna Abate artist manager

My story

I’m Arianna.  In Greek mythology, Arianna is known for helping Theseus escape the labyrinth. Similarly, I help artists navigage the complex music industry labirinth to develop a successful music career.

After graduating in Public Relations in the Department of Communication and Entertainment of University Institute for Modern Languages (IULM) in Milan, with a thesis titled “The management of image and activities in the Music Business” working in advertising and communications, I traveled to the United States and Latin America where I had the opportunity to collaborate and work with many music artists.

I had amazing experiences, challanges to overcome, and very difficult moments. But I never stopped.  I always had a clear focus, big dreams, and a lot of patience and commitment to make them come true.

Possessing enthusiasm, optimism, and sensitivity allow me to help guide artists through the positive and challenging moments.

My method

My work method always begins with listening and comprehending the artist’s essence, dreams, and challenges.

I help artists discover who they are as an artist, and from there to create an authentic and powerful personal brand.

My job is to maximize the artist’s potential, artistic and market value, through a consistent and effective communication strategy.

I guide artists through all administration and technical issues, so I am on top of new technologies and industry trends.

I  plan, organize and manage all activities.

I handle relationships with team members, media, and the public.

My role as coach is to support the artist all along this process.

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"The true secret of success is enthusiasm" -Walter Chrysler -


"Don't stop when you are tired. Stop when you are done" - Marilyn Monroe -


"I believe that empathy is the most essential quality of civilization" - Roger Ebert -