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Elevating Talent


I work with artists to develop their talent and enhance their career

Artist Management

Developement and management of music artists' careers.

Artist Coaching

Lead the artist through the developement process to optimize their skills, talent , resources and enhance their image.

Communication & Marketing

Creation and management of the Personal Brand and all communication channels.

Arianna Abate artist manager

About me

I am Arianna, born and raised in Italy, from where I’ve inherited a passion for art, beauty and knowledge.

Living in Latin America, I’ve absorbed the rhythm, energy and enthusiasm.

And my US work experience has allowed me to streghthen my strong work ethic, organizational skills and the ability to dream big.

My work

I create and develop musical projects; I coach and manage musical artists.

Kelman Ventura Arianna Abate Premios
Kelman Buscando el Exito

What I can do for you

Using extensive knowledge and experience in the music industry, I can coach and mentor you, helping you make the choises to take you down the best path to develop and enhance who you really are as an artist.

Articles & Interviews

I share experiences, informations, meeting and updated tips.