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How I got here: my calling to be an artist manager.

Arianna Abate Kelman Ventura Premio Juventud

I tell you a little bit more about my history and my path to this professional career.

When I was a young girl and people asked me what I wanted to be in life, at my reply “An artist manager” I just remember speechless faces.

There was no internet, neither talent shows and no music-industry executives in my family. But my answer was always the same.

I was a serious and diligent young girl and everybody wondered where that weird idea came from.

I didn’t know how I was going to get there, but I knew I WAS that thing.

So I chose the schools that would provide me the necessary skills.
At 13 I was aware I should speak several languages, and take up a university career in communication.
Yet I was very shy and clumsy but I knew that was the road to take.

In the meantime, I bought so many cds and the first thing I did, was reading the booklet with credits, name of manager, producer and recording studios.
I never read female names. “One day there will be mine” I thought.

I ended up writing my graduation thesis on “The management of activities and image in the music business” 24 years but I still had the same idea.

Time has proven me right: my path crossed the one of a young talented artist who I am honoured to have worked with for many years.

If I think of all we achieved with no money, no team, no means, no contacts, I am extremely proud.
We did a lot. We did a lot of mistakes too, which now I understand was extremely necessary.
There was no instruction manual, either tutor or guides. Every single day we have learned on our own skin, but we truly believed in it.

The woman who I am today is also thanks to him.
I believe he must be watching my project from above now.


I consider this calling a priviledge and after many years I can call it a talent.
I believe that music and artists who create and perform it, are a divine gift that make us smile, touch our souls or give us a good time.

Managers come from very different  backgrounds: some are lawyers, others are old artists friends or ex press agents. 
But they all believe in their artist more than anyone alse and are ready to do anything to give them the light they deserve.

This is the purpose of my job.


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